Our Customers Testimonies:


My Company has used multiple plumbing services for years, until I met Wes at my local Church. Wes is now the first and only call I make. His integrity, hard work, and desire to make something look good is important to us. It's hard to find these traits. Wes knows who he works for, and he works as unto the Lord. Wes will let you know your options and he responds quickly.

- United Food & Commercial Workers of NM

My wife and I are careful who we invite into our homes now days. Wes lives and works for Christ and his work shows this. Rather its a leak, hot water heater, or something in between, Wes Pro Plumbing is the only call we make, because he is a talented, highly skilled, pleasant person who can be trusted.

- Greg Frazier



"Wes Pro Plumbing is who you need to call. Wes always gets the job done right and treats his customers with respect and kindness. If you're looking for someone who is very knowledgable and dependable, then you've found the right company. You won't be disappointed."

I trust Wes Pro Plumbing.  The quality of his work is excellent.  He caught a major problem with my swamp cooler that another contractor caused, and which could have caused serious roof damage. Also, Wes is a deeply moral individual.  I trust him in my home.  Just last week when he was installing a garbage disposal, I had to run out the door to pick up my young son.  I left a blank check on the counter, and asked him to fill it out, and lock up the house when he left.  When I returned, the receipt was on the counter, the house was locked and in perfect shape, and I didn't have to worry for a moment.  Frequently, I refer my friends to Wes Pro Plumbing, especially those who are single women, as they don't have to worry about being cheated.  He is a consummate professional and a wonderful human being.

- Sara Koplik